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And how a face-planted freefaller finally finds their perfect bed.

By: Ortho Dream Team | June 25, 2018

If you often wake up hugging your pillow, you’re most likely a stomach sleeper. The classic pillow clench has earned this sleep position the nickname “freefaller”—like you’re about to be dropped 1,000 feet from the talons of a Daenerys Targaryen full-grown dragon.

However, it’s important to address that this style of sleep presents particular challenges to the body, which is why stomach sleepers may complain about discomfort. Don’t worry though, with a little bit of elbow grease and scrolling of the page, you’ll soon find the perfect bed for you and your free spirit.

Why Can Stomach Sleeping Cause Discomfort?

Research shows this sleeping style presents particular challenges to the body. Just think of all the possible points of contact between a freefaller’s body and his bed: shoulders, elbows, rib cage, and pelvis. Add to that our internal organs, skeletal structure, ligaments, and nerves, and it’s no wonder that stomach sleepers have been known to complain about pain in the back, neck, hips, and joints. Ouch.

Most of our weight exists in the middle of the body, which means that sleeping in this position causes our stomach and hips  to dig into the mattress, thus creating an unnatural curvature in the lower spine. And since the spine controls all of our nerves, strain in this area ends up affecting the rest of the body. For stomach sleepers, the goal is to find a bed that relieves this strain and maintains a neutral back position. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you choose the mattress that will embrace your freefall!

The Best Types of Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Our experience suggests that stomach snoozers should seek a mattress that reduces pain on all of their pressure points while also providing sufficient support for the body’s contours.

If your current mattress is so soft that you’re freefalling into oblivion, then perhaps it’s time for something firmer. An innerspring mattress with advanced coil technology will provide the zone support you need to freefall with a cause. Our pocketed coils offer the support required to elevate your body to its proper stance, while also delivering pressure relief.

We get it, you still want to end your freefall on a gentle landing pad. In this case, a mattress layered with NASA-engineered memory foam or latex will fulfill your comfort needs, while also maintaining a neutral shape for your body with their conforming qualities. A foam-based mattress is usually built with materials that will also assist with the issue of overheating that occurs with this position. Sleeping on your stomach means that you’re trapping your body against the bed. Fortunately, Ortho’s gel-infused memory foam and CoolQuilt™ fabric dissipates body heat, allowing for an easier and refreshing sleep.

Want it all? No problem. Give into temptation with a hybrid mattress. Offering the comfort and pressure relief of foam, while incorporating the zone support of innerspring coil technology, a hybrid mattress will allow you to freefall softly and safely.

At the end of the day, each of these options provides a distinct feel, and it is up to your personal preferences to determine an ideal match. Check out our Firmness Scale, or visit one of our showrooms, to try out the bed that’s right for you.


Mattress Image
Club Signature Luxury Firm  High-quality independent coils, SOLIDSTATE™ Edge Support, and a layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam provide a balanced feel perfectly suited to freefalling stomach sleepers


Mattress Image
Pembridge Luxury Firm Individually wrapped pocketed coils arrayed in an offset edge-to-edge pattern maximizes support, while a layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam maximizes comfort. Tencel Cover fabric helps dissipate heat from the sleeping surface to enable rejuvenating cool rest for belly sleepers.


Mattress Image
Lansdowne Luxury Firm Those seeking freefaller sleeping bliss should consider this Reserve collection standout featuring an array of innovative elements: High-Density Avant Foam and Dunlop Latex for forgiving comfort, Ortho-Enhanced Zone Support for resilient comfort, all wrapped in CoolQuilt™  Fabric to promote a cooler